Breathable Adjustable Hot And Cold Wrap

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1. Safe and comfortable for everyday use.
2. Clean and nontoxic gel is safe for your family.
3. Adjustable strap can fit your any body area better tightly.
4. Help you get a better treatment under the application of cold or heat therapy.
5. Made of nylon material, with gel, helpful for sports care and first aid.

1. Cold compress: It can be used within 60 minutes of freezer or refrigerator freezer (-18°C to -20°C), or it can be used in the refrigerator for emergency use.
2. Hot compress: Put the bag into the microwave oven and heat it (medium temperature) for 2 minutes. Then feel the surface temperature by hand. If the temperature is not enough,
you can heat it for 30 seconds each time until the ideal temperature is reached, or put the bag directly into the boiling water. Cook for 5 minutes and allow it to be fully heated before use.

Material: nylon
Type: no printing type
Color: blue + black
Using time: 15-20min
Feature: adjustable strap
Size(approx.): 24.5 X 17cm

Package Included:
1PC * Hot and Cold Gel Pack

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Breathable Adjustable Hot And Cold Wrap

9934 in stock