Thick Foldable Yoga Mat


Material: PVC
Applicable scenes: hiking, camping, dancing, exercise
Expanded size: 173 * 61 * 0.4cm
Folding size: 30 * 24.5 * 5.6cm

Effectively reduce all kinds of pain, including head, neck, shoulders, back, sciatica.
Enhance blood circulation, speed up metabolism and reduce muscle tension
To clear the meridians, relax the nerves and improve sleep
Inhibit fatigue, promote digestion, improve immunity.
Made of eco-friendly PVC, durable enough.
Non-slip and soft, strong resilience.
Easy to fold and easy to carry.
Variety of purposes, it can be used for dance training, outdoor camping, indoor yoga, lunch breaks, etc.
Flat without curling to prevent stepping on the wrestling.

Packing list:
1 * Yoga mat

Thick Foldable Yoga Mat
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