White Magnetic Whiteboard Menu Planner


Strong, Durable & Long-Lasting.
The soft magnetic backing of the calendar sticks firmly to your fridge and won’t lose its magnetism.
As a reusable calendar, we know you expect clean erasing every time, so we included dry-erase markers that won’t stain.
Enjoy a fresh-faced calendar month after month.
Magnetized Markers & Eraser. Never lose your dry erase markers or eraser again – by sticking them to the fridge right by your calendar!
These non-toxic colored markers come in red, blue, black and green to help color-code, emphasize and decorate.
Create Functional Space.
The kitchen is a high-traffic area for every member of the family.
Use your magnetic fridge calendar to create a family hub for easier interaction, organization and planning.
Material:PET, plastic and magnet
Package Contents:
1x Magnetic Calendar Whiteboard
8x Colored Magnetic Markers
1x Magnetic Eraser
1x instructions
1x box

White Magnetic Whiteboard Menu Planner
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