Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Mood Color



  • This product is very popular with many nail salon fans
  • It’s a kind of nail polish that changes with temperature
  • It have a beautiful reaction to the temperature.
  • Can be applied evenly on the entire nail bed or used to the draw patterns as desired.
  • Let it air dry for about 6-15 minutes after application depending on the amount of liquid you apply.
  • The more liquid you apply, the more obvious the thermal color-changing effect is.
  • Need to apply black base color to achieve the thermal color-changing effect.
  • The color changes at high temperatures between 60F-90F and no color-changing effect will occur at low temperatures.
  • The color is blue at high temperatures and begins to change when the temperatures drops.The whole color-changing process takes about 90s.


  • 1. File and clean nail surface
  • 2. Apply base coat, cure it.
  • 3. Apply a layer of black or dark color gel, cure it.
  • 4. Apply an even layer of Thermochromic Liquid, and wait it dry for 2-5 minutes.
  • 5. Apply top coat, cure it.
  • 6. Pick one nail plate, stamp the image on your nail
  • 7. Apply top coat, cure it.

Package Content:

  • 1 X Temperature Changing Liquid ( 1g )
Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Mood Color
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